Chakra meditation pyramids

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ABOUT CHAKRA (new age meaning): Chakra in Sanskrit means ‘wheel’ or ‘disk and refers to the seven energy centres of the body.  Each chakra / energy centre helps to regulate body functions and emotions.  The chakra system connects both your physical body and subtle (energy) body to the universe.  When your chakra are out of balance you may experience emotional distress or disease which could manifest itself into your physical body. 

Chakra healing can be complimented with crystals, with each colour representing one of the seven chakra bodies.

Seven types of crystal chips encased in a Resin pyramid make a perfect focus point for meditation and healing practices and offers the healing attributes of all those crystal.

ABOUT PYRAMIDS: The pyramid is an ancient and revered shape that collects energy from the universe and centers it down through the Apex.  Pyramids generate and amplify energy and work well around the home or in as the centre of a crystal grid.